The philosophy and values that are important to the department are: (a) Academic Excellence: (i) In the quality of output i.e., the ability of our students to perform academically with recognition and distinction among their peers in and outside the country. (ii) On the part of good performance from the students and quality research from the academic staff. (iii) The ability of both students and staff to know and uphold what is right, abhor wrong doings. (iv) Imbibing the principles of fairness, transparency, courage and the ability to co-exist with others. (v) Espousing critical thinking and scholarly disposition. (b) Professionalism: (i) Giving proper training and inculcating the ethics of the profession in the students. (ii) To strive to be relevant in the pursuance and realization of societal needs through the study and practice of mass communication. (iii) Respect and promotion indigenous cultures and the accommodation of cherished traditional values in the society.