a)            The mission which the department sets out to fulfill are to:
(i)            Capacitate and train our products with the knowledge to function adequately in the total information and communication society of the world.
(ii)          Build an established institution where practitioners capable of handling crisis resolution and task of unifying country are trained.
(iii)         Provide theoretical, practical and professional training towards self-employment and independence for mass communication graduates.
(iv)        Be one of the few Nigerian Universities offering postgraduate programme in the New Communication Technology and Telecommunications.
b)            In accordance with the above, the existence of the department is to fulfill a need felt by the immediate social environment where the university is located, particularly for professional in the area of mass media. Thus, efforts shall be geared towards:
(i)            The production of graduates that can easily function in the mass media organizations in                                 and around the immediate social environment.
(ii)           The satisfying of societal quest for effective information.